Chakra Balancing Therapy

What are Chakras?

The chakra system is an ancient way of viewing the body. It is divided into seven zones, with each area having energy that must flow freely. When the chakras are balanced, the body works in harmony and we feel elevated, energized and whole.

If the concept of “energy” feels too new-agey for you, just think of the seven points along the body as different organ systems. All of your organs must be in good working order for the body and mind to be healthy.

What is Chakra Balancing?

In keeping with the Holistic approach to wellness, Chakra Balancing addresses issues of the mind, body and spirit. At one level, clearing the chakras heal the physical body by releasing stored blocks accumulated through a lifetime of traumas and negative experiences. Once these blocks are gone, the body can return to its original natural state of perfect health, and the results will be readily noticed.

At another level, healthy chakras allow the flow of pure energy to move freely from the lower to the higher chakras and the natural state of abundance, prosperity and joy can be realised.

If you feel like you never have enough energy, making an effort to tone out distractions and tune into your body may be the first step to feeling better.

An Introduction to the Seven Chakras

Now that you know the basics about each of the seven chakras, how can you use them for holistic health?

Chakra Balancing Benefits

The benefits of chakra balancing are closely tied with the philosophy of Bio Energy and Reiki Energy Therapies. If you have ever had an Energy Therapy Session you will know the feeling of full-body integration that comes after each healing session, this is due to the movement of life energy.

Therefore, Chakra balancing is vital for those who want speed up their spiritual advancement, but is equally important for those wanting to maintain physical and mental health.  In fact, by maintaining good mental and physical health, the path to spiritual awakening will be all the easier.

Chakra Balancing with Linda Shalloe

This 1 hour consultation is tailored to suit your unique needs, this includes an assessment of your life energy and energy centers with a guided mediation and gentle laying of the hands and off the body energy therapy.

Further Sessions

Further sessions are usually needed to complete or continue the process. The sessions will be entirely shaped around your needs and each session will involve working with individual Chakras as well as bringing your whole body into balance.

I recommend an initial series of 8 Chakra Balancing Meditation sessions. The following 45 minute sessions, are customized to meet your needs.