My daughter aged 3 years is very active, adamant, restless and demanding for whatever she wants. She also demands either of her parents nearby at all the time, we had used various approaches to no avail, and then I came across Linda who used a combination of therapies with my daughter, her caring approach to my daughters issues was amazing to see.

Linda worked very gently, using Mindfulness Meditation, Bio Energy Therapy, and Ogham Tree Essences (similar to Bach Flower remedies) these essences are based on the indigenous trees of Ireland, my daughter has used them for just two months, she is behaving calm and normal, of course Linda also worked with me and my Partner (who was very sceptical but as he has now acknowledged you can’t be skeptical about something that works.

We also learnt new life coping skills to help our situation, as Linda works with our whole family dynamics, we are also now using Ogham Tree Essence!! This Complementary healing system is awesome. We met a gem when we met Linda, we would highly recommend her as a professional therapist who cares!

– Nicola, Kilkenny

It is rare to come across such a fine therapist as Linda. I spent the 1st six months grappling with a serious diagnosis of heart failure which resulted in breathlessness, limited physical activity and adjustments to medications that caused severe dizzy spells – my prognosis was poor and my heart was literally broken.

As I was told I could not travel to visit loved ones in other countries because of effect on heart of airplane travel or walk up hills, swim in cold seas or have hot baths. I started seeing Linda and began to improve!

6 months later I underwent an Echo Cardiogram with astonishing results – my heart failure had gone and I was in the normal range of heart conductivity. I have been discharged from the Cardio Dept back to GP for 6 monthly blood tests. I have my life – and my hope – back now and could not recommend Linda highly enough.

– S, Wexford

I found Linda’s approach to Mindfulness Meditation incredible. I opted for her one to one sessions as I suffer from anxiety, and found it very difficult to relax when I’m surrounded by other people.

I have been finding it difficult to cope with everyday life and to attend college for a full week, in the past couple of years, and have ended up having to repeat, so this summer I really needed to seek help.

Linda’s kind and gentle approach has helped me become more relaxed and at ease, not just about returning to college but also in life. Linda used a combination of therapies which included Mindfulness. Linda also used Cognitive Behavioural Hypnosis & Bio Energy, each session was customised to what I needed. I am now looking forward to using the skills I have learned to help live my life to its fullest.

To use one of your quotes Linda “You have all the knowledge within, silence your mind and the answers will come”. Thank you for helping me get back my life.

– Karen B., Co. Waterford

I have attended for a number of sessions of Bio-energy healing with Linda over the past few months. I suffer from migraines and anxiety.

I had never considered complementary therapies before this, but after a friend told me about her Bio Energy sessions with Linda and how it helped her I decided to make an appointment. I thought if anything could have a helpful effect on my pain levels and anxiety issues, I was now willing to give it a try.

From the moment I spoke to Linda over the phone I found her to be welcoming, caring and reassuring about what was a new and unusual experience for me.

Linda explained simply the philosophy behind Bio-Energy healing and eased any fears I may have had, she made me comfortable with the practice of Bio-Energy Healing at the same time remaining professional and focused. I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every session,

Linda’s gentle nature creates a tremendous atmosphere of relaxation and security during our sessions of Energy therapy, with the result that my migraines have eased which I now know were being brought on by my anxiousness, & stress, which have now also been significantly reduced. My life has just become simpler and more enjoyable.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Linda for Bio-Energy Healing Therapy.

– Caroline M., Co. Wexford

When I attended Linda Shalloe Complementary Therapist for the first time, I was in emotional crisis and I felt low and depressed. I sometimes even felt suicidal.

After attending for 3 months, my energy level and ability to think clearly, sleep soundly and function well have improved immensely I now feel like a new person, while most of the symptoms have almost completely dissipated.

Linda truly cared about my well being, there was no judgement. She kept in contact with my medical practitioner on my progress and also encouraged me to do so, as I did need adjusting to my meds as I improved. Linda used a combination of non invasive therapies used alongside my conventional treatment, and they were completely tailored to my specific needs!

I had lost my love of life, of my music, Linda created a wonderful meditation for me to use which is individual to me using my violin (another story for another day)!

Her continued support and help has been life changing, Thank you again…

– Tom, Co. Dublin

I was diagnosed with High Blood Pressure, my Doctor gave me wonderful advice on how I could manage my lifestyle better,  but I found it difficult to stay motivated, and to change the things in my life which were causing this issue.

I was on blood pressure medication that seemed to be rising every time I went for a check up. I was referred to Linda and after just 3 sessions I now have my blood pressure under control on a much lower dose of medication as monitored by my doctor. I always had a fear of “alternative treatments”, but as Linda explained the therapies she uses are complementary and non invasive to any other medical treatments or supplements I may be taking.

She had a great sense of humour which eased any tension, I can honestly say that she had an interesting way of helping me become more responsible for my health issues using simple techniques which were relevant to me. I say interesting because you feel you are just having an informal chat until you leave and you only then realise that alongside the energy therapy and mindfulness, she is always working with your cognitive process even in the informal chat!

I will continue to attend as I find her treatments beneficial and they help me stay focused on my self-care. I have no hesitation in recommending Linda.

– Jane, Wexford